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[Montgomery, Alabama]  Under the direction of Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier, and in partnership with legacy agency heads, law enforcement investigative efforts for the State of Alabama are now coll...
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Two Held at Gunpoint by Citizen, Both Arrested for Burglary on 16 October 2014, 08.02 by Staff in News
Two Held at Gunpoint by Citizen, Both Arrested for Burglary
On October 14, 2014, shortly after 6 pm, deputies responded to 167 State Road 85 (Laurel Hill) for a burglary in progress.  A witness saw one male suspect enter the closed convenience store known as Paradise Lott...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 02 on 08 October 2014, 13.14 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 02
Covington CountyMedia ReportSaturday 10 0486 Total Calls20 Medical Emergency25 Police Calls2 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSaturday 10 04Booked In: 8Released: 4Total in Custody: 198Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 03 on 08 October 2014, 13.05 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 03
Covington CountyMedia ReportFriday 10 0399 Total Calls14 Medical Emergency36 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportThursday 10 02Booked In: 8Released: 9Total in Custody: 194Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 02 on 07 October 2014, 08.29 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 02
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 10 0249 Total Calls9 Medical Emergency18 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportThursday 10 02Booked In: 8Released: 11Total in Custody: 196Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 01 on 07 October 2014, 08.17 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 10 01
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 10 0192 Total Calls19 Medical Emergency37 Police Calls2 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportWednesday 10 01Booked In: 8Released: 11Total in Custody: 199Covington County ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 30 on 07 October 2014, 08.08 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 30
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 09 30115 Total Calls18 Medical Emergency40 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 09 30Booked In: 15Released: 7Total in Custody: 203Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 29 on 30 September 2014, 14.08 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 29
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 09 2977 Total Calls15 Medical Emergency26 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 09 29Booked In: 5Released: 8Total in Custody: 194Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 26 on 29 September 2014, 13.14 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 26
Covington CountyMedia ReportFriday 09 2668 Total Calls15 Medical Emergency25 Police Calls2 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportFriday 09 26Booked In: 5Released: 6Total in Custody: 199Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 28 on 29 September 2014, 12.23 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 28
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 09 2859 Total Calls11 Medical Emergency15 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSunday 09 28Booked In: 4Released: 2Total in Custody: 198Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 27 on 29 September 2014, 12.21 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 27
Covington CountyMedia ReportSaturday 09 2780 Total Calls19 Medical Emergency35 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSaturday 09 27Booked In: 2Released: 5Total in Custody: 196Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 24 on 25 September 2014, 08.16 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 24
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 09 2483 Total Calls14 Medical Emergency43 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportWednesday 09 24Booked In: 5Released: 4Total in Custody: 201Covington County ...
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WCSO to Host First Jail Break Zombie 5K Fun Run on 24 September 2014, 17.31 by Staff in News
WCSO to Host First Jail Break Zombie 5K Fun Run
The Walton County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce our first Jail Break Zombie Fun Run!!  The course for this race will have obstacles. When: November 1, 2014Where: Walton County Sheriff’s Office lo...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 21 on 24 September 2014, 17.27 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 21
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 09 2169 Total Calls16 Medical Emergency19 Police Calls4 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSunday 09 21Booked In: 4Released: 5Total in Custody: 208Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 20 on 23 September 2014, 11.28 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 20
Covington CountyMedia ReportSaturday 09 2068 Total Calls16 Medical Emergency31 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSaturday 09 20Booked In: 7Released: 3Total in Custody: 209Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 19 on 22 September 2014, 10.55 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 19
Covington CountyMedia ReportFriday 09 1966 Total Calls20 Medical Emergency28 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportFriday 09 19Booked In: 11Released: 11Total in Custody: 205Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 18 on 22 September 2014, 10.50 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 18
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 09 1857 Total Calls8 Medical Emergency25 Police Calls6 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportThursday 09 18Booked In: 6Released: 8Total in Custody: 205Covington County Jai...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 17 on 22 September 2014, 10.45 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 17
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 09 1778 Total Calls14 Medical Emergency35 Police Calls3 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportWednesday 09 17Booked In: 11Released: 9Total in Custody: 207Covington County ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 16 on 18 September 2014, 09.56 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 16
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 09 1662 Total Calls13 Medical Emergency20 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 09 16Booked In: 7Released: 9Total in Custody: 205Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 15 on 18 September 2014, 09.47 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 15
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 09 1569 Total Calls23 Medical Emergency22 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 09 15Booked In: 5Released: 10Total in Custody: 208Covington County Jail ...
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Court Square, Andalusia

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 13:44

Burn Ban in effect across the state.

Written by Eddie Lewis

Because extremely dry conditions have created an atmosphere where the probability of catastrophic wildfire activity is high, Governor Robert Bentley today signed an Emergency Drought Condition Declaration prohibiting outdoor burning in all 67 counties in Alabama.

Since January, 1,808 wildfires have burned over 41,000 acres in Alabama, according to the Alabama Forestry Commission.

“The lack of rain and unseasonably high temperatures have left much of the state extremely dry, creating high risk potential for devastating wildfires,” said Governor Robert Bentley. “As Alabamians are recovering from the tornados that moved through the state in April, it is important that debris not be burned. We must take every precaution necessary to avoid the start of a wildfire.”

According to State Forester Linda S. Casey, “The reduced availability of suppression resources, combined with the large amount of timber that was downed by the recent tornados, extremely high temperatures, and low relative humidity increase the risk for catastrophic wildfires.”

Pursuant to the emergency rule, it is illegal for a person to set fire to any forest, grass, woods, wildlands or marshes, to build a campfire or bonfire, or to burn trash or other material that may cause a forest, grass, or woods fire. The fine for violating the No Burn Order is up to a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

The order is effective immediately.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Authorities say a pitching coach for
Montgomery's minor league baseball team has been shot during an
apparent mugging at his apartment complex.

Reports are  that Montgomery Biscuits
pitching coach Bill Moloney was shot in the thigh around 11:30 p.m.

Authorities say he was the victim of an apparent mugging at his east Montgomery apartment complex.

The Biscuits, a Double-A team affiliated with the Tampa Rays, said in a statement that Bill Moloney was recuperating at home Tuesday morning.

Authorities say the shooting happened after Montgomery's game
with the Mississippi Braves.

Gardner said the coach also suffered facial injuries.

The 56-year-old coach is in his second season with the Biscuits,
who are affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 10:00

Dothan Man arrested for Rape

Written by Eddie Lewis

On June 6, 2011 the Dothan Police Department Juvenile Investigative Division made a felony arrest for two counts of rape. Due to the sensitive nature of the case limited details are being released however investigators said the victim in this case was an acquaintance of the offender. The arrest follows an investigation which began immediately after a police report was filed in February 2011. Investigators signed warrants against the suspect April 26, 2011 and say the case will be closed now that he has been located and arrested.

· Daniel David Potter, black male, 29 years of age, of White Oak Circle was arrested and charged with one count of First Degree Rape and one count of Second Degree Rape with bonds totaling $120,000.

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 09:53

Day 2 of Gambling Trial

Written by Eddie Lewis

To update this page, click "Refresh" or push F5 on your keyboard. To take a second look at any To review all documents relevant to U.S. vs. McGregor, Click Here!!


Update @ 8:10AM

Lawyers and Defendants are in the courtroom at this time and are ready to begin Day 2 of the Jury selection.  Some Defense attorneys think that a jury may be seated as early as Wednesday.

Update @ 8:49AM

Potential Jurors introducing themselves to the large crowd of Lawyers.  Most of these potential jurors are from Montgomery and are married.  Some are retired, others laid off, and several are in Law Enforcement.

Update @ 8:52AM

Attorneys are reading their witness list to the potential jurors to see if they may know any of them.  Two potential jurors know at least one attorney.  One says he cannot be fair and impartial.

Update @ 9:02AM

Judge Thompson seems like he is not wasting time today.  He is definitely making sure the prosecution moves through their steps faster this morning. Judge Thompson even stated to the attorneys to wrap it up.

Update @ 9:13AM

One potential juror stated that he knew Ronnie Gilley from meeting him at BamaJam. Prosecution witness names: Benjamin Lewis, Barry Mask, Scott Beason, Ronnie Gilley, Jarred Massey Keith Baker, Debra Long, Steve French, Larry Dixon, Roger Bedford, Lowell Barron, Robert Lambert, and Seth Hammett.

Update @ 9:42AM

Defense Attornies introducing themselves to the potential jurors and asking if anyone knows Milton McGregor or his family.  One potential juror stated that he knew McGregor.

McGregor Atty naming poss. witnesses to jury, Sen. Del Marsh, former Sen Wendell Mitchell, Randy Owen(Alabama lead singer) former Gov. Riley, Sheriff Bobby Timmons from Alabama Sheriff's Association, House Clerk Greg Papas

Update @ 9:57AM

Senator Quinton Ross' attorney approaches the potential jurors and is now giving Ross' bio, which includes having a two year old.

Update @ 10:02AM

Sen. Harri Anne Smith's attorney, Jim Parkman up - one juror says she's related to Sen. Smith and doesn't know if she can be fair and impartial. Sen. Smith's husband named on the witness list.

Update @ 10:10AM

Jay Walker's attorney, Susan James approaches the potential jurors. she will begin asking the potential jurors questions about their beliefs

Update @ 10:15AM

Done with witness lists for this group of potential jurors, break for recess for 15. 
Next up--probing juror's beliefs.

Update @ 10:30AM

Defense lawyers are about to start asking potential jurors questions about their views.


Day 2, The Bingo Trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Monday morning, divers found the body of a second weekend drowning victim. His body was found near the Lake Oliver Marina area just after 10:00 a.m. 

Investigators say Marvin Bryson, 20, was with three friends on an island in the middle of the river when he slipped and fell into the waters.

Officials say they began searching the river around 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening after receiving a call of a possible drowning. The search was called off for the night around 9:00 p.m. Crews resumed their search Monday morning. 

Muscogee County chief deputy coroner Freeman Worley says his body will be sent to the state crime lab for an autopsy.

Bryson is a Columbus native and a Jordan High School graduate.

This is the second drowning reported in this area of the Chattahoochee River in two days.

Saturday, 43-year-old Steven Brookins was pronounced dead after his body was found in 10 feet of water off an island near Bibb City.





Tuesday, 07 June 2011 07:06


Written by Eddie Lewis

DALE COUNTY: The missing 3 month old child from Dale County has been located and is safe. The child was located in Dothan at a residence in Chapelwood.


In a bazaar set of circumstances in Dale County, three children were taken on Sunday evening. Two of the children, ages 3 years old and 1 year old, were found in Walton County at the hospital. Investigators traced the children back to Geneva County. From that location an extensive manhunt and search was conducted in an effort to locate the 3 month old child.


The lead investigative agency has been Dale County Sheriff Department. Sheriff Wally Olson called for an AMBER Alert shortly after the investigation was launched. Olson and members of Dale County Sheriff Department have worked around the clock in  multi jurisdiction/multi agency effort to find the 3 month old child.


Some agencies involved include Geneva County Sheriff Department, Walton County Sheriff Department, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, FBI and Dothan Police Department.


More official information is expected later Tuesday.


TROY, Alabama -- A Troy man shot last Thursday night in a domestic dispute remains in critical condition at Baptist South in Montgomery


MOBILE, Alabama -- Mobile police arrested 2 people in separate incidents that occurred during the weekend, officials said today in a news release.

A Mobile woman was arrested Friday after Mobile police said she ran over another woman during a fight over a man.

Teresa Conaway, 47, was charged with first-degree assault, police said. She was released from Mobile County Metro Jail early Saturday morning with bail set at $7,500, according to jail records. She is scheduled for a June 20 court appearance, according to records.

Police said that at 11 p.m. Friday, a 43-year-old woman and Conaway were arguing in the Dugout Club parking lot about a man. Conaway got into her 2003 Pathfinder and ran over the victim, police said. The victim was taken to the University of South Alabama Medical Center with non life threatening injuries.

Joshua Reed, 26, of Mobile, remained in Mobile County Metro Jail on Monday charged with third-degree robbery, obstruction of justice and 3 outstanding warrants.

Monday, 06 June 2011 14:52

600 Acre Fire Jefferson County

Written by Eddie Lewis

ADGER, Alabama -- Firefighters are battling a wildfire that state forestry officials say already has covered more than 600 acres near the Adger community in west Jefferson County.

The fire, which is being fueled by trees downed by recent tornadoes, was first reported on Saturday and has endangered several homes and other structures, according to a release from the Alabama Forestry Commission.



MONTGOMERY: Court has been called to order. Attorney are introducing themselves.

The Judge takes up several matters. The forfeiture matter on Gilley and Smith is taken up. The Gilley forfeiture issue is moot because Gilley has plead. As to Smith, the forfeiture will be taken up after a jury verdict.

The forfeiture matter is only against Harri Anne Smith. The Judge ask if this matter is a jury matter and attorney’s say it is a jury matter.

Milton McGregor will be first up after the government in opening statements. They will be allowed 40 minutes for opening statements. All other defendants will be allowed 30 minutes, except for Mr. Coker.

Mr. McGregor has 10 attorneys. Senator Harri Anne Smith has Jim Parkman, William White, Martin Adams and Josh McKeown. Private Investigator Mike Magrino is also on board for Harri Anne Smith.

Judge Thompson said he is the only one that can excuse defendants from being present in court during all proceedings.



Judge Thompson said if there is a conviction he wants probation services ready to discuss detention pending sentencing. Judge Thompson said the same issues apply after sentences since there is a probability of appeals in this case.

Judge Thompson said he does not want any shooting from the hip.

The Government filed a motion for a substitute witness list. All defendants except Walker and Pruit approved. The Judge grants the motion of the government.

Judge Thompson said there is an issue about qualifying the jury as to unindicted co-conspirators. Also as to names not included, like Legislator 1, 2 and 3. The issue was raised by Defendant Coker. The Judge asked wasn’t it obvious who these people are. Coker’s Attorney, Mr. McKnight, said the government had given an additional name they were not familiar with. That is what has prompted the motion.

Judge Thompson said the unindicted co-conspirators need to be identified if the persons are being used for testimony.

Walker’s Attorney James said the problem with the government’s unindicted co-conspirators witness list is some people might be potential defense witnesses and the names are needed in order for a proper defense. The names need to be known in order to qualify the jury, according to Mr. McKnight.

Judge Thompson has ordered the government for a complete list by Tuesday morning.

Time 9:05 AM



All defendants feel the motion concerning FBI Baker’s conduct during Grand Jury needs to be taken up before qualifying the jury. Judge Thompson said the issue will be taken up in camera – out of prescene of jury.

Attorney Bill Baxley said there are several juries challenged for cause. The government has challenged those and the issue needs to be resolved before the qualification of the jury gets underway.

Judge Thompson, in his order to identify the unindicted co-conspirators, says he is interested in the names himself.

At 9:08 AM judge Thompson says they will take up the issue of FBI Agents Baker’s actions concerning Grand Jury and the jurors that need to challenged. With that said, court is in recess while those issues are resolved outside the prescence of the jury.

Court in recess

Please Note – the audio in the media courtroom sucks!!! Hard to hear…


Trial Coverage Sponsor… Hand Motors, Highway 431 in Dothan Alabama

10:07 AM Still no activity in courtroom since last recess. Judge and Attorneys are taking up issues outside of the courtroom.

10:23 AM Some courtroom activity, Court ready to proceed in jury selection process. Court officials are passing out to attorney's copies of juror information.

10:52 AM Judge Thompson and Attorney's are in the courtroom. The jury has been sworn in and Judge Thompson is asking them questions. The Judge has instructed the jurors to reply only with their juror number and not a name.


UPDATED @ 11:18 AM

The attorneys are asking jurors if they know anyone that might testify. The attorneys are reading over a list of names.


UPDATED @ 11:55 AM

There will be no one left in Dothan if everyone testifies that Attorney Jim Parkman read out.

Some names include John Watson, John Downs, David Parsons, Mark Culver, Andy Hughes, George Flowers, Steve Clouse, Jim Kelly, Ricky Starling, Troy King, Kim Benefield, Brent Culver, Jimmy Holley, Patrick Cagle, Jabo Waggoner, Locy Baker, Matt Parker, Doug Rainer, Doug Jones, Vickie Moore, Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, Lorrie Morgan, Kay Dierlam, Jennifer Adams, Steve Windham, Clay King, Becky Bates, Gayle White, Stephen Smith, Wanda Gilmer, Mike Schmitz, Jimmy Register, Teresa Thomas, Anthony Yoakam, Sharon Cole, Debbie Trueblood, Stephen Evans, Dutch Holland, Sara Holland, Mark Fellows, JoAnn Lindsey, H.G. Hayes, Tracy Knowles.


11:58 AM

Break for lunch

1:15 PM  Court has resumed and prospective jury pool is being questioned.

2:19  McGregor's attorney is questioning the prospective jury pool.  He explained that it is the government's responsibility to prove each fact in every charge in an indictment.  These charges must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, if that is not done then "Not Guilty" is the answer.  Would any juror have a problem saying "not guilty"  if the charges in the indictment were not proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

Personal or religious beliefs:  Does gambling go against your personal or religious beliefs? Is ownig a gaming facility a sin? Are you personally bothered by gambling in any way?  Are you active in church?  Do you teach or what roles do you have in church?  What is the denomination of your church?

Computers?  Do you have a laptop?  IPad? Computer?  Do you have anti-virus software?  More than one email address?  Cell phone, more than one?

Do you Twitter?  Do you send tweets, follow people, or have followers?

Have you ever gambled in any form?  Card games?  Computer?  At someone's house?  Been to a gambling facility?  Victoryland, Indian Casion, Whitehall?

Political Campaign:  Have you, your family or any of your friends ever worked on a political campaign?

2:39 PM  McGregor's attorneys asked about the language used in the conversations.  Some of the language is "pretty salty".  Would any of you have a negative opinion of a person who uses that type of language?

Is it an act of illegal consipiracy for a group of individuals to work toward a common goal?

Do you object to having your private conversations listened to?  Do you feel it is a breech of privacy for the govenment to listen to your private conversations?

Political Action Committee (PAC):  Do any of you have a negative feeling about a person donating to PAC as opposed to giving to a candidate directly?

Have any of you, your family, your friends ever worked with a lobbyist?


3:05PM Jim Parkman, on behalf of Senator Harri Anne Smith asked questions to the potential jurors,

Do you believe that women should not hold political office?

Have you ever had a complaint or accusation filed against you that was a false accusation?

Is there any member of a jury that cannot render an impartial verdict due to a person's sex, race, creed, etc.?

Would you disagree that the role of a state legislator is to represent the people of the district she represents?

Do you think that the role of a state senator is to act on the impulses of what a vast majority of the people of his or her district want?


3:30PM Lawyers are asking potential jurors about previous jury experience, bumperstickers.



The Bingo Trial, Court Underway

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